Aquis Entertainment, the owner of Canberra Casino has announced that it will undertake a massive makeover of its property at a cost of $330 million to give it an edge over others in the neighbourhood. The redevelopment which is aimed to bring around 700,000 visitors to the region during the forthcoming year will include hotels, restaurants and also exclusive VIP gaming facilities. Casino resort will now have six star villa along with bar and also luxury shopping centre along with extension to the National Convention Centre. The Aquis Entertainment group is working with both government and community centre operators to make redevelopment a reality. DevelopmentRead More →

A couple who played the EuroMillions lottery recently became millionaires and decided to celebrate with a Chinese takeaway and the promise to keep working. Jeff and Davinia Pritchard of Carmarthenshire have purchased a new luxury car, of course, as well as expediting an existing renovation on their home. The couple won £1 million, according to Wales Online. The two were surprised to receive the email, first believing it to be spam — until Jeff realized the email was legitimate. He left a message for Davinia, who then walked through the door and was told the exciting news. Jeff says she was in disbelief. He saysRead More →

Bermuda is small, but the British territory has prepared for its first casinos. The Bermuda senate recently approved legislation permitting casino construction, and the territory will likely acquire a taste for gaming.  Public Stresses For years, such decisions have been met with conflicted responses, as opposing legislation connected casinos with increased violent crimes, prostitution and societal ills. However, pro-gaming legislative supporters have indicated a need for the declining tourism industry’s visitation and growth. Currently, lawmakers have implemented numerous restrictions upon new gaming ventures to mollify opponents throughout the implementation process. Bermuda casino resorts may not surpass three establishments, and each must be located within aRead More →

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  Poker giveth and poker taketh away. Many people got a lot of their wealth during the so called “Poker Boom” of the mid to late 2000’s, but some of those same players are now looking at empty bank accounts. One professional player was even brave enough to share his story. How did this happen? The Poker Boom The period of time in the mid to late 2000’s known as the poker boom was a period of time when it was very good to be a poker player. It all started when a man named Chris Moneymaker (literally that is his last name) won theRead More →

Online casinos constantly have to monitor their online reputation. This is because they are frequently the target of attacks on message boards and the like online. An online casino that does not monitor such things will start to earn a bad reputation among the players who are online, and this can adversely impact business. Since these casinos obviously rely on their online customers to bring in the profits, it is important to take note of the slot machine game reviews being left by people online and try to respond to the negative ones. How The Reviews Work Many times, the reviews are left on forumsRead More →

There’s a lot more to blackjack than showing up at the table, throwing down your money and playing the game. Aside from learning how to strategically play, you should also know the etiquette of the game before stepping up to the table. Learn the Hand Signals Most casinos are noisy, and dealers often don’t want to strain their hearing to hear what you said across the table. If you want to hit, tap or brush your fingers on the table. If you want to stay, simply wave your hand along the cards. For double bets, place the chips along with your current chips within theRead More →