It’s far from being a mystery as to what enables the top dogs of the online casinos to be able to continually attract a consistent number of customers each and every day of the year. As with more and more big business these days, whether we’re talking about selling sports equipment or indeed an online video poker experience, people are more prone to lean towards the provider that gives them that one thing in particular that each and every one of us are totally and utterly powerless to resist: namely, something for absolutely nothing. One online casino which has been repeatedly making the industry newsRead More →

High Roller

High stakes gambling and casinos always bring forward the image of rich businessmen or celebrities risking large amounts of money with large wagers. Those who gamble with high stakes, either in terms of wagers or risks, are called high rollers or whales. Who is a high roller? While high rollers are a common phenomenon in the finest casinos around the world, they have also been observed in online casinos, where they make significantly higher bets on games and play to win big. Owing to their recurring gambling habits, high rollers are received with open arms by both traditional and online casinos. The characteristics of aRead More →

Snooker is still a very lively sport throughout various parts of the world, including Great Britain. It was recently reported that Stephen Lee was found guilty of fixing matches in a total of seven instances throughout 2008 and 2009. Generally speaking, match fixing requires having contacts with other people in the sport. Either the other players or the team officials had to be in on what he was doing. It is not reported who he was working with, if anyone, and if they will also be charged. The alleged match fixing likely brought Lee a significant amount of money, though the financial amount that heRead More →