About Us

The team here at Kinsale Casino like to think of themselves as a friendly, knowledgeable and completely approachable bunch, whose sole goal it is to help their users make the right decisions when it comes to choosing an online casino.

A very small team is behind all you see here on this very young site of ours, and we pride ourselves on being almost like a family. A family which, may I add, you are all warmly invited to join.

We understand that gambling online can be a rather confusing business, especially to those who are new to the pursuit as a whole and not just its online format. As a result, we’d like to take it upon ourselves to sift through the small-print and make the judgement calls on online casino sites old and new, domestic and overseas.

By doing so, we hope to eliminate any unneeded stress involved with what should be an extremely pleasurable pass-time for each of you. As (albeit self-proclaimed!) experts in this area, each of our team members are fully synchronised with the direction and trends of the modern online casino industry.

With such a team of nerdy gambling boffins behind you every step of the way, it should be no time at all until you too may proclaim your own prowess on the subject! We are an organisation interested only in bettering the experiences of new and inexperienced online gamers and gamblers who are all so often being ‘taken for a ride’.